Senator Hutchinson Seeks Applicants To Valley Forge Military College

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SB 526 and 791 and HB 904, 906, 909 and 910

September 28, 2015

Senate Local Government Committee - September 30, 2015[...Read more]

Hutchinson Participates in Panel to Discuss Local Benefits of Impact Fees and Industry Cooperation

September 21, 2015

Speaking at a conference featuring national leaders in shale development and public policy, Senator Scott Hutchinson detailed efforts by western Pennsylvania communities to invest the state’s impact fee to protect and improve water quality in the region.[...Read more]

Stop Gap Budget Provides Money for Vital Services, Schools

September 18, 2015


The Senate today (September 18) approved a three-bill “stop gap” budget package to provides funding for schools and vital social services and sent the measures to the House of Representatives for consideration, according to Senator Scott Hutchinson.[...Read more]