Local Civil War Hero to be Honored with State Historical Marker

A Civil War general from Franklin, Venango County is among the subjects of 12 new state historical markers approved by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC), according to Senator Scott Hutchinson.

General Jesse L. Reno was a Union Civil War general who spent his boyhood in Franklin. He led his troops during the Maryland Campaign at the battles of Second Bull Run and Chantilly before being shot and killed at South Mountain, Maryland, in 1862.

Prior to the Civil War, Reno had a distinguished military career in the Mexican War and led peacetime assignments such as building military roads, conducting surveys of several western states, and overseeing arsenals in Alabama and Kansas.

The 12 new markers, selected from 47 applications, will be added to the nearly 2,200 familiar blue-with-gold-lettering signs along roads and streets throughout Pennsylvania. More information on the Historical Marker Program is available online at www.PAHistoricalMarkers.com.

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