Heating Assistance Program Now Open

Pennsylvania’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) grant program is now accepting applications, according to Senator Scott E. Hutchinson. LIHEAP provides grants to help low-income families pay heating bills during the winter months. LIHEAP also offers crisis grants for families that experience heating emergencies, such as a broken furnace, fuel shortage or utility termination.

Information regarding LIHEAP and other home heating assistance programs is available by contacting county assistance offices, local utility companies and community service agencies. Local residents can also apply for LIHEAP grants online at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Access to Social Services (COMPASS) website, www.compass.state.pa.us. More information on the program is also available by calling the toll-free LIHEAP hotline at (866) 857-7095.

Eligibility for the 2014-15 LIHEAP season is set at 150 percent of the federal poverty income guidelines. The chart below shows eligibility based on household size. Each additional person in the household adds $6,090 to the maximum income allowed for eligibility.

Household size Maximum Income
1 $17,505
2 $23,595
3 $29,685
4 $35,775
5 $41,865
6 $47,955
7 $54,045
8 $60,135
9 $66,225
10 $72,315

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