Committee Approves Bill Promoting Conventional Oil Production in PA

The Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee today (January 21) approved legislation introduced by Senator Scott Hutchinson that will protect and promote conventional oil production in Pennsylvania.

Senate Bill 279, legislation to protect the conventional oil production industry from state regulations intended for companies extracting Marcellus Shale gas, now goes to the full Senate for consideration.

SB 279 would establish the Penn Grade Crude Development Advisory Council, a panel empowered to study existing regulations and assist the Department of Environmental Protection in making changes that better address the differences between conventional and unconventional oil and gas production.

“The conventional oil industry is an important part of the regional economy in northwestern Pennsylvania – an economy that is already struggling. It cannot afford to be stymied by excessive and unnecessary regulatory burdens,” said Senator Hutchinson. “The council created under my bill would work with the DEP to ensure that the differences between the operations are taken into account as these regulations and laws are developed and implemented.”

Senator Hutchinson originally introduced the measure as Senate Bill 1310 last year. That bill was approved by the Senate on October 8, but didn’t clear the House of Representatives prior to the end of the 2013-14 Legislative Session on November 30.

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