Hutchinson Participates in Panel to Discuss Local Benefits of Impact Fees and Industry Cooperation

Speaking at a conference featuring national leaders in shale development and public policy, Senator Scott Hutchinson detailed efforts by western Pennsylvania communities to invest the state’s impact fee to protect and improve water quality in the region.

“This was an excellent opportunity to show how communities in the 21st Senatorial District have capitalized on the impact fee to make substantial improvements to their infrastructure, recreational facilities and local watersheds,” Senator Hutchinson said.  “In addition, we were able to highlight and promote a unique partnership between Pennsylvania American Water Company, XTO Energy and Rex Energy in Butler County to extend water service to individuals and businesses at a fraction of the normal cost.”

As a panelist for a working group discussing the relationship between the shale industry and public water utilities at the Shale Insight 2015 conference on September 16 in Philadelphia, Senator Hutchinson detailed the ways municipalities and authorities invest local proceeds from the state’s Marcellus Shale impact fee in equipment and infrastructure improvements.

“Marcellus Shale natural gas extraction operations have created many new economic opportunities in Pennsylvania,” Senator Hutchinson said. “My presentation focused on the public improvements that have resulted from the growth in the industry and the impact fee paid by drillers. These funds have undoubtedly improved the quality of life for residents of the counties and communities where gas extraction is taking place.  The Butler Marcellus drillers and PA American Water also created a national example of some beneficial side effects of working together to supply water while reducing truck traffic and providing a permanent extension of potable water to residents and employers in remote locations.”

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