Hutchinson Supports Resolution Rejecting Asylum for Syrian Refugees

Senator Scott Hutchinson is cosponsoring a Senate Resolution directing Governor Wolf to reverse his decision to accept Syrian refugees into Pennsylvania until the federal government establishes increased security procedures to screen refugees from the Middle East region.

The resolution also urges the President of the United States to direct the Department of Homeland Security to review its security procedures for vetting refugees and provide a detailed report of the increased measures to the states that are under consideration to receive refugees.

“Last week’s terror attack in Paris reinforces the need for increased diligence and security measures here at home.  We need to be ever vigilant about the safety of Pennsylvania residents,” Senator Hutchinson said. “I believe Governor Wolf’s decision to accept Syrian refugees into Pennsylvania despite these recent events is simply irresponsible.  The Governor instead should be focusing on our state budget crisis.”

Justin Leventry
(717) 787-9684

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