Senator Hutchinson Issues Statement on Wolf’s 2016-17 budget




Senator Scott Hutchinson issued the following statement in response to Governor Wolf’s 2016-17 budget address.

It is truly disappointing that the Governor has decided once again that his priority is to massively raise taxes on the people of Pennsylvania rather than focusing upon cost containment measures and living within our means.  In the past year, since Governor Wolf’s last budget address, the taxpayers have spoken loud and clear that enough is enough.  Harrisburg bureaucracies do not need more money.

“We passed a no tax increase budget, which the Governor promptly vetoed, a responsible budget that raised spending on education by hundreds of millions of dollars and addressed the number one cost driver for schools and state government—the broken pension systems.  We need to again face our budget situation with realistic solutions, not again tee-up the largest tax increases in state history—one that will hurt every working family in this state and stifle our economy.”

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