Butler Farm Show Airport Receives $135k State Grant

The Butler Farm Show Airport was awarded a $135,000 state grant today (August 22), according to state Senator Scott Hutchinson.

The grant will be used to improve airport drainage, rehabilitate a taxiway and install an access gate and fencing.

“I am very pleased that the Butler Farm Show was awarded this grant,” Senator Hutchinson said. “The project will improve safety and accessibility at the airport. Smaller airports like the Butler Farm Show field are important to the quality of life for our communities and becoming increasing more important as economic development marketing tools to draw in new businesses.”

The Butler Farm Show Airport was among 23 airports across Pennsylvania sharing $8.8 million in grants during the current round of funding from the Aviation Transportation Assistance Program and Aviation Development Program.

The Aviation Transportation Assistance Program is a capital budget grant program funded with bonds. The Aviation Development Program is supported by the state’s jet fuel tax. Neither program is supported by general fund revenues.

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