Hutchinson Bill Clarifies Residency Status for Military Service

Recognizing that military experience should be a benefit and not a deterrent to those seeking government service, the Senate approved legislation introduced by Senator Scott Hutchinson that clarifies residency status for those on activity duty status.

Senate Bill 1300 amends state law to ensure that that a person remains a resident of municipality during active military service for the purpose of satisfying a residency requirement qualification for election or appointment to a municipally elected office.

Currently, a gap in residency caused by active duty service may interfere with that person’s ability to fulfill the proper residency requirements under state law.

“We must respect and honor the service of the men and women in our armed forces,” said Senator Hutchinson. “Active duty service should be recognized as an asset toward their potential as elected officials and not a road block that precludes them from office. This bill does that by maintaining their residency status for the period that they are on active duty.”

Senate Bill 1300 now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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