Local Projects Receive $151,000 in State Tax Credits

Three local organizations were recently awarded state Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) tax credits totaling $151,000, according to Senator Scott Hutchinson. NAP tax credits are intended to encourage businesses and community organizations to invest in projects that serve distressed areas or support conservation efforts.

The local groups receiving the tax credits are: Struthers Library Theater, $101,500; Warren-Forest Counties Economic Opportunity Council, $33,000; and the Sheffield Area Food Pantry, $16,500.

The Struthers Library Theater project involves work to improve accessibility to and within the 133 year-old building. “The Struthers Library Theater has been a key part of Warren for 133 years,” said Senator Hutchinson. “Built in 1883, the building is a National Landmark, but it needs significant work to make it ADA accessible. I commend the community for taking steps to make it accessible for everyone.”

The Warren-Forest Counties Economic Opportunity Council, in partnership with Northwest Savings Bank and the Habitat for Humanity, will apply the tax credits toward the development of two vacant lots on Beech Street in Warren. The lots were donated with the agreement that two affordable housing units for low-income households be constructed within three years.

Sheffield Area Food Pantry is working to convert and renovate a donated building to serve as its new location. “Currently, the pantry is in the basement of a community center, which can be inconvenient for the elderly and the disabled,” Senator Hutchinson said. “The new location will be much more convenient for patrons, volunteers and those making deliveries.”

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