Warren County Housing Improvement Project Receives State Grant

The Warren-Forest Counties Economic Opportunities Council was recently awarded a $100,000 state grant for a housing improvement project in Warren County, according to Senator Scott Hutchinson.

 The grant was provided by the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement (PHARE) fund and is a share of the Realty Transfer Tax collected under Act 58 of 2015 to support affordable housing statewide. 

The PHARE funding will be used in Warren County for the construction of a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. This ADA-accessible, single-family unit will be made available as a long-term rental unit to a low-income individual or a family with a documented mental health diagnosis.

“PHARE is an excellent program that invests state resources from the Realty Transfer Tax and the Marcellus Shale impact fee created by Act 13 of 2012 to improve the availability of affordable housing in our communities,” Senator Hutchinson said. “These grants, such as the one provided to the Warren-Forest Counties Economic Opportunities Council, help a number of at-risk individuals and families secure and keep housing.”

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