Finance Committee Approves Bills to Help Firefighters, Veterans Groups



The Senate Finance Committee approved six bills on Wednesday (May 24) including measures to help firefighters, veterans’ organizations, animal shelters and pediatric cancer research, according to Committee Chairman Senator Scott Hutchinson.

House Bill 46 would allow taxpayers to designate a portion of their state income tax refund for pediatric cancer research beginning with tax year 2018 filings.

Senate Bill 430 provides for a Realty Transfer Tax exemption for nationally recognized veterans’ organizations.

Senate Bill 469 provides for a tax credit to encourage businesses to support non-profit animal shelters.

Senate Bill 594 would provide a sales tax exemption for firefighters when purchasing accessory equipment, protective equipment, or communications equipment using personal funds.

House Bill 674 requires the Department of Revenue to determine whether lottery winners of $2,500 or more owe court-ordered obligations and to deduct any amounts owed before paying out the prize. In cases where the winner is receiving public assistance, the bill directs the Department of Human Services to determine whether the winner should remain eligible to receive public assistance.

Senate Bill 677 provides that contributions into a PA ABLE account may be deducted annually from taxable income up to a maximum of the annual federal gift tax exclusion (currently $14,000) per beneficiary. It also provides that any distributions from or changes to a PA ABLE account that are not subject to federal income tax will not be subject to Pennsylvania state income tax.  The ABLE savings program allows individuals with qualifying disabilities and their families to save tax-free for a wide range of disability-related expenses.

The bills now go to the full Senate for consideration.


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