Finance Committee Approves Revenue Secretary Nomination, Three Bills


The Senate Finance Committee endorsed the nomination of Dan Hassell to serve as Secretary of the Department of Revenue and approved three bills at its Monday (June 5) meeting, according to Committee Chairman Senator Scott E. Hutchinson.

House Bill 453 requires any agency receiving state funds to respond to an audit by the state Auditor General or future funding may be suspended.

Senate Bill 515 raises the cap on the Net Operating Loss carryforward amount to 45 percent of taxable income.

House Bill 1071 prohibits political subdivisions from imposing a recyclable plastic bag ban or levying a fee, surcharge or tax on plastic bags.

Hassell has served as Acting Revenue Secretary since the April 21 retirement of Revenue Secretary Eileen McNulty. He has served in several posts in the Revenue Department over his career and had previously served as state Revenue Secretary in 2010.

Hassell’s nomination and the three bills now go to the full Senate for consideration.


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