Senator Hutchinson Issues Statement on House Bill 218

Senator Scott Hutchinson issued the following statement on House Bill 218, the Fiscal Year 2017-18 General Fund budget. The measure was approved by the Senate 43-7, with Senator Hutchinson voting in the negative.

“Although this spending document is improved over the version presented earlier this cycle by the Governor, I am concerned about our ability to find enough appropriate and prudent revenue sources to fund this package.  Many of the revenue ideas being floated like gambling expansion and tax increases are things which I do not support.

“In addition, I am deeply concerned about the specific details of how the proposed open-ended departmental mergers will be implemented, including the Department of Health/Department of Human Services jointure as well as the Departments of Corrections/Probation and Parole jointure.  The Governor has insisted on these poorly conceived consolidations to balance the budget plan.”


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