North Warren Sewer Plant Project Receives $4.25M in PENNVEST Funding

The North Warren Municipal Authority was awarded $4.25 million in state funding from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) today (July 19), according to Senator Scott Hutchinson.

The Authority was awarded the low-interest loan to cover the costs related to substantial upgrades and improvements to its wastewater treatment plant.

“The planned improvements will replace equipment that is nearly 60 years old,” Senator Hutchinson said. “This PENNVEST funding will help the Authority ease the initial financial burden that otherwise would have fallen on ratepayers. In addition, the upgrades will improve operations at the facility, which will enable the Authority to operate the plant more cost effectively and efficiently over the next 20 years.”

PENNVEST financing is provided through the use of federal funding and prior bond issues by the state. It is not supported by the state’s General Fund budget, which covers the daily operations and services of the Commonwealth.


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