Warren City Recreation Projects Receive $304,700 in State Grants

Recreation projects for Warren City will receive grants totaling $304,700 from the Community Conservation Partnerships Program (CCPP), according to Senator Scott Hutchinson.

Warren City will receive $265,000 for the rehabilitation of Lacy Park. The work includes renovation of a comfort station and a basketball court and construction of a pavilion, and a parking area, ADA access, landscaping and other site improvements.

Warren County will receive $39,700 to prepare a comprehensive recreation, park and greenways plan for Warren City.

“These grants represent a sizeable investment by the state in the development of recreational areas in Warren City,” Senator Hutchinson said. “These parks and recreational facilities will provide new opportunities and improve the quality of life for city residents and everyone in the region.”

The CCPP provides financial and technical assistance to local governments, land trusts, river and trail organizations and other non-profit organizations for the planning, acquisition and development of park, recreation, conservation, and greenway areas. CCPP is supported by Key 93 (Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund), the Environmental Stewardship Fund (Growing Greener I) and several federal funding sources. 

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