Hutchinson Named Vice Chair of Communications & Technology Committee

Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati today (January 25) appointed Senator Scott E. Hutchinson to serve as Vice Chairman of the Senate Communications & Technology Committee for the 2019-20 legislative session. Earlier this month, Senator Hutchinson was reappointed to serve as Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

Senator Hutchinson served as Chairman of the Communications & Technology Committee from 2014 through 2016. In recent years, the committee has explored the deployment of broadband to rural communities, electronic sharing of health records to improve patient care, the impact of data breaches, the use of technology to report and monitor child abusers and the status of planned improvements to the Pennsylvania Statewide Radio Network that is used by law enforcement and emergency responders

“With the constant changes and new developments in communications and technology it is essential to constantly review and update Pennsylvania’s laws regarding those areas,” said Senator Hutchinson. “I am always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of state programs and services and that is certainly an area that falls under the purview of Communications and Technology Committee.”

Senator Hutchinson will also serve as a member of the Environmental Resources & Energy, Health & Human Services, Local Government, and Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness committees.

“I am pleased to serve on these committees,” Senator Hutchinson said. “The issues that come before these committees have a direct impact on families in the 21st District.  I will keep that in mind when I look at the bills that come up for consideration.”

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