Senator Hutchinson Comments on Governor’s Proposed FY 2019-20 Budget


Senator Scott Hutchinson issued the following statement on the proposed $34.1 billion General Fund budget for Fiscal Year 2019-20 that Governor Tom Wolf unveiled before a joint session of the General Assembly on Tuesday.

“This is the beginning of a long and complex process, but I think there is some common ground there. I am committed to a fiscally responsible plan. I want something that done on time also. I think that is a responsible way to do government. The Governor has said that he agrees that our citizens’ tax rates are adequate. We don’t have to raise taxes. That’s a great thing. I think we should be living within our means.

“He also touched on something that is critical to make us a competitive state and that is matching the skills of our employees with the jobs that are out there and that workforce development is a goal that we should be working on and I was glad to hear him talk about that today.”



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