Senate Finance Committee to Consider Five Bills

            The Senate Finance Committee will meet at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday (May 8), in Room 461 of the Main Capitol, Harrisburg to consider five bills, according to Committee Chairman Senator Scott Hutchinson (R-21). 

Senate Bill 28 reduces the inheritance tax on property passing to non-sibling heirs.

Senate Bill 201 provides for “like-kind” exchange tax deferrals. 

Senate Bill 541 improves Pennsylvania’s historic preservation incentive tax credit program.

Senate Bill 616 clarifies an existing sales and use tax exemption on certain services or goods purchased by qualified businesses located within a Strategic Development Area. 

Senate Bill 618 grants a 10-year extension of the Coal Refuse Energy and Reclamation Tax Credit from the currently mandated year of 2026 to 2036 and increases the amount of tax credits to $45 million.

The meeting will be streamed live on Senator Hutchinson’s Finance Committee webpage:


Contact:           Justin Leventry           (717) 787-9684 


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