Senate Adopts Youth Art Month Resolution


The Senate this week adopted a resolution sponsored by Senator Scott Hutchinson recognizing May 2019 as “Youth Art Month in Pennsylvania.”

“I am honored to introduce this Resolution because I have seen first-hand that art education and appreciation provides important tools and skills that enable young people to lead fuller, more meaningful lives. Art education develops self-esteem and self-expression, as well as an appreciation for the work of others,” Senator Hutchinson said.  “It develops critical thinking skills that will be important as children continue their education and as they enter the working world.  Our fast-changing environment will require that future leaders – be creative and imaginative in problem-solving.”

Youth Art Month was created in 1961 by the Council for Art Education, Inc. as a national advocacy program.  It is observed as a way to emphasize the value of art education for all children and to encourage support for quality school art programs.

“The arts encourage our youth to explore their imaginations and emotions,” Senator Hutchinson said. “They are an avenue that allows young people to bring forth their feelings and dreams and express them, whether through a musical instrument or on a sketch pad or canvas.” ###

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