Finance Committee Approves Measure to Aid Senior Citizens

The Senate Finance Committee approved a bill on Wednesday that would expedite payments from the Property Tax Rent Rebate Program and create a Senior Tax Reduction Incentive Volunteer Exchange (STRIVE) program, according to Committee Chairman Senator Scott Hutchinson (R-21).

Under House Bill 1076 , a measure introduced by Representative Tim Hennessey (R-26), Property Tax Rent Rebate claims could be paid immediately if funds are available. Under current law, claims cannot be paid prior to July 1.

STRIVE would allow school districts to establish a program benefitting taxpayers 60 years or older who provide volunteer service to the school district by granting a reduction in their property taxes.  The volunteer services provided by participants in the program may not replace or supplant existing job positions and school districts would be permitted to seek private and public funding sources to support the program.


Contact:          Justin Leventry 

Audio from the Finance Committee meeting.

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