Senate Finance Committee Approves Four Bills

The Senate Finance Committee approved four bills on Tuesday (June 23), according to Committee Chairman Senator Scott Hutchinson (R-21).

Senate Bill 875, introduced by Senator Pat Stefano, provides a sales tax exemption for firefighters when purchasing protective equipment and accessory communications equipment using their own personal funds.

Senate Bill 1180, introduced by Senator Michele Brooks, provides for a volunteer firefighter tax credit of up to $500 for those with at least two full years of service and who have responded to at least 20 percent of their company’s emergency calls.

House Bill 1437, introduced by Representative Mark Keller, amends the Tax Reform Code to provide revisions to the Rural Jobs and Investment Tax Credit.

House Bill 2484, introduced by Representative Martina White, allows nonprofits and charitable trusts to annually designate up to 10 percent of the total value of the trust or assets held as spendable income and provide for non-judicial settlement agreements.

The bills now go to the full Senate for consideration.


Contact:          Justin Leventry 

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