Marion Township Receives $4.1 M PENNVEST Funding

Marion Township, Butler County, was today (October 21) awarded $4.1 million in funding from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) for a major wastewater treatment project to serve Boyers and Atwells Crossing, according to Senator Scott Hutchinson (R-21) and Representative Timothy Bonner (R-8).

The township was awarded a $2,717,702 grant and a $1,389,790 low-interest loan to install a new wastewater treatment plant and more than 15,000 feet of sewer lines to replace an outdated lagoon treatments system and malfunctioning on-lot systems. Results of a sanitary survey showed a 54 percent malfunction rate with confirmed 45 on-lot malfunctions, three suspected malfunctions, and 35 potential malfunctions.

 “This PENNVEST funding will help Marion Township address sewer issues that negatively impact the health and quality of life of local residents and eliminate the discharge of inadequately treated sewage discharges into Slippery Rock Creek,” Senator Hutchinson said. “This funding should expedite the process and ease the financial burden that otherwise would have fallen on ratepayers.”

“I am very pleased to have worked together with Marion Township officials and Senator Hutchinson to secure this highly-competitive financial assistance,” said Representative Bonner.  “The State funding will greatly assist the community to upgrade its sewage treatment system, improve the environment and provide financial assistance for a costly but effective project.”

PENNVEST financing is provided through federal funding and prior bond issues by the state. It is not supported by the state’s General Fund budget, which covers the daily operations and services of the Commonwealth.



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