Committee Approves Bill Easing Duplicative PENNDOT Mandate


A Senate committee today (May 25) approved a measure introduced by Senator Scott Hutchinson (R-21) that would ease the bureaucratic burdens that currently make it difficult for small communities to hold festivals, parades, and other events on PENNDOT maintained roadways.

The Senate Transportation Committee approved Senate Bill 615, which bars PENNDOT from requiring duplicative insurance for processions, special activities, or assemblages.

Under the legislation, PennDOT could no longer require that local governments, in addition to the event sponsors assume duplicative liability as a condition of issuing event permits.

“These events are crucial for smaller communities,” said Senator Hutchinson. “They help restore a shared sense of purpose and meaning to those who live there. We should be supporting these communities, not imposing burdens on them.”

The bill now goes to the full Senate for consideration.

Contact:          Justin Leventry 

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