Addressing the Closed, Sloppy Process Behind the Wolf Administration’s Bridge Tolling Scheme

I took to the floor of the Senate this week to speak out against the new tax that the Wolf Administration is preparing to impose on Pennsylvania motorists: the requirement that drivers pay tolls to cross nine interstate bridges across the commonwealth, including the Canoe Creek Bridges on Interstate 80 in our region.

It’s a tax imposed without legislative approval and a tax that breaks the decades-old implicit promise in the very name of our “freeway” system.

I will have more to say on the Senate floor about this topic. On this occasion, I focused on the flawed process that brought about the bridge tolling scheme. It was mired in a lack of transparency, lack of citizen input and lack of legislative oversight – a sloppy, closed process that threatens to set the precedent of more and more tolls in the future.

In addition to my comments above, you can find more on the tolling plan here.

Click here to join the list to stop the tolling of the Canoe Creek Bridges on Interstate 80.

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